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1. The L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Unbelieva Brow Share, Tag & Win Contest (“Contest”) is organised by L’Oreal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“Organiser”) and is open to all residents of Malaysia (each a “Participant” and collectively, the “Participants”). The Organiser reserves the right to request for identification document as proof and for purposes of verifying the identity of a Participant. The following persons are not eligible:

a. Residents of Malaysia under the age of 18 (as at 01 July 2020); or

b. Employees of the Organiser (including its associates and related companies) and their immediate family members (children, parents, brothers and sisters, including spouses); or

c. Representatives, employees, staff and/or agents of advertising and/or Contest service providers of the Organiser (including its associated and related companies), and their immediate family members (children, parents, brothers and sisters, including spouses).

2. The Contest will run from 01 July 2020 to 31 August 2020 (“Contest Period”). The Organiser reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, postpone, re-schedule and/or extend the Contest Period and/or cancel/terminate the Contest at any time without prior notice and without reason with no liability to any party. All entries received outside the Contest Period shall be automatically disqualified.

3. To participate in the Contest:

a. Participants must share and tag 3 friends who need the Unbelieva Brow product on the comment section of the pinned Contest post.

b. Share the pinned Contest post on their Facebook.

c. Ensure Facebook account is set to public.

d. Each Contest day during the Contest Period, the Contest begins at 12:00am (01 July 2020) and ends at 11:59pm (31 Aug 2020).

e. The Organiser will not reimburse the Participant for any charges incurred in submitting the entries, if any.

4. Winners’ selection (Prize x 15):

a. The eligible Prize winners will be determined by random.

b. The eligible winners will be contacted via personal message on Facebook. Should the first attempt to contact the eligible winner fail, i.e. no reply, telephone number not in service or no connection, etc, another two (2) attempts will be made within the next 24 hours of the first contact. Where such further attempts are unsuccessful, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the Participant. The Organiser will not be held liable in the event the winners cannot be contacted for whatever reasons.

5. Contest prizes:

a. Prize x 15:

Grand Prize x5 – One (1) Swarovski Remix Collection Bracelet and one (1) Unbelieva Brow product for the grand prize winner and 3 of his/her friends.

Consolation Prize x10 – L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Goodie Bag.

a. Each Participant is only allowed to win one (1) prize throughout the Contest Period.

b. All Contest prizes must be claimed at winners’ own expense within sixty (60) days after the date of notification of winnings. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited by the Organiser sixty (60) days after the date of notification of winnings.

c. The Organiser reserves the right to substitute any prize with that of similar value at any time without prior notice. All prizes are not transferable, refundable or exchangeable in any other form for whatever reason. The value of the prize is correct at the time of printing. All prizes are given on an “as is” basis.

d. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any costs or claims with regard to prize redemption or participation of this Contest by the participant or any third parties howsoever incurred.

6. All personal costs and/or any other costs, fees and/or related expenses that are incurred to participate in the Contest and to redeem the prize is the sole responsibility of the Participant and winner.

7. Participants shall assume full liability and responsibility in case of any accident, injury, damage or claim resulting from participation in this Contest and from usage of prizes.

8. By participating in the Contest and providing your Personal Data (defined below), you are giving your consent to the Organizer and any of its holding, subsidiary or related companies, service providers, agents and contractors who provide administrative and business support to us and act on our behalf (“Authorized Third Parties”) (collectively “us”, “we” or “our”) to process your personal information (including your name and contact details) (“Personal Data”) as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, provided in the Contest entry will be recorded, stored or otherwise processed by us for purposes of administering the Contest, contacting and sending to you marketing and promotional information or materials about our products, services, any promotions, events or contests organized by the us, and our other legitimate business purposes (“Purposes”). This includes disclosing your name to the general public when you become a winner in the contest or participate in our events by publishing your name, photographs and other personal information without compensation for advertising and publicity purposes to the extent permitted by law.

Dengan menyertai Peraduan dan memberikan Data Peribadi anda (ditakrifkan di bawah), anda memberi persetujuan nyata kepada Penganjur dan mana-mana syarikat,anak syarikatnya, pembekal perkhidmatan, ejen dan kontraktor yang memberikan sokongan pentadbiran dan perniagaan kepada kami dan bertindak bagi pihak kami ("Pihak Ketiga yang Dibenarkan") (secara kolektif "kami" untuk memproses maklumat peribadi anda (termasuk nama dan butiran perhubungan anda) “Data Peribadi") yang dimaksudkan di dalam Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010, yang diberikan dalam penyertaan Peraduan akan direkodkan, disimpan atau diproses oleh kami untuk mengendalikan Peraduan, menghubungi dan menghantar kepada anda maklumat pemasaran atau promosi atau bahan mengenai produk, perkhidmatan, promosi, acara atau peraduan yang dianjurkan oleh kami, dan tujuan perniagaan kami yang lain ("Tujuan"). Ini termasuk mendedahkan nama anda kepada orang ramai apabila anda menjadi pemenang dalam peraduan atau mengambil bahagian dalam acara kami dengan menerbitkan nama, gambar dan maklumat peribadi anda yang lain tanpa pampasan untuk tujuan pengiklanan dan publisiti setakat mana dibenarkan di bawah undang-undang.

At times the Organizer may retain Authorized Third Parties to process the Participant’s Personal Data. All such Authorized Third Parties are contractually bound to take reasonable measures to keep information secure and not to use the Participant’s Personal Data in any way other than that which is specified here and in the Organizer’s privacy policy at

Pihak Penganjur juga boleh menggunakan Pihak Ketiga yang Dibenarkan untuk memproses Data Peribadi Peserta. Semua Pihak Ketiga yang Dibenarkan tersebut secara kontrak terikat untuk mengambil langkah yang munasabah untuk memastikan maklumat yang selamat dan tidak menggunakan Data Peribadi Peserta dalam apa-apa cara selain daripada yang dinyatakan di sini dan dalam dasar privasi Penganjur di

Please be informed that your Personal Data may be disclosed to our affiliates, service providers and relevant business partners such as public relation agencies and advertising agencies (if any) for the Purpose and as permitted by applicable data privacy laws. In addition, you will appreciate that we are part of the L’Oréal Group which operates in multiple jurisdictions. Accordingly, consent provided herein with respect to processing of your Personal Data shall include such transfer and access to the Personal Data may be granted to other entities within the L’Oréal Group and may be transferred out of Malaysia for their processing of your Personal Data for any of the foregoing purpose, if required.

Sila sedia maklum bahawa Data Peribadi anda mungkin akan didedahkan kepada anggota sekutu kami, pembekal perkhidmatan dan rakan perniagaan yang berkaitan seperti agensi perhubungan awam dan agensi pengiklanan (jika ada) bagi Tujuan tersebut & sebagaimana yang dibenarkan oleh undang-undang privasi data. Selain itu, adalah dimaklumkan bahawa kami adalah sebahagian daripada Kumpulan L’oreal yang beroperasi di negara-negara lain. Oleh itu, persetujuan nyata yang diberikan oleh anda berhubung pemprosesan Data peribadi anda untuk Peraduan ini termasuk akses kepada Data Peribadi anda yang mungkin diberikan kepada entiti lain dalam Kumpulan L’Oreal dan boleh dipindahkan ke luar Malaysia untuk pemprosesan Data Peribadi anda bagi mana-mana Tujuan yang disebut terdahulu, jika diperlukan.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you may request for access to or correction of the Personal Data or limit the processing of the Personal Data at any time hereafter by submitting such request to us via e-mail to Please note that it will be necessary for you to provide all of the Personal Data, without which we will not be able to process the same for the Purpose.

Anda boleh meminta akses kepada atau pembetulan Data Peribadi anda, atau mengehadkan pemprosesan Data Peribadi anda pada bila-bila masa selepas ini dengan mengemukakan permintaan itu kepada kami melalui e-mel Sila ambil perhatian adalah perlu untuk anda memberikan Data Peribadi anda kerana tanpa Data Peribadi tersebut kami tidak dapat memproses Data Peribadi anda untuk Tujuan di atas.

9. By participating in this Contest, Participants agree to be bound by the official Terms and Conditions and decisions of the Organiser.

10. The Organiser reserves the right to amend, delete or add to these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice at any time and the Participants shall be bound to such changes.

11. The Organiser’s decision is final. Any correspondence and call will not be entertained

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