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Kinohimitsu Big Stage Tickets Giveaway

The tickets giveaway is organised and managed by Kinohimitsu Malaysia and will be conducted on the following Terms and Conditions:

How to Join:

  1. This giveaway will commence on 31 August 2020 and end on 6th September 2020 (“Giveaway Period”).

  2. Like and follow Kinohimitsu Facebook page & Guardian Malaysia Facebook page.

  3. Answer in comment section,  What is your favorite Kinohimitsu product and why do you like it?

  4. Share this post on your timeline and Tag 3 of your friends.


1 pair of tickets (2 tickets) to Big Stage Episode 5 live show

  • Venue: Putrajaya International Conventional Centre (PICC)

  • Date: 13 Sept 2020

  • Time: 9pm – 11:30pm

Participation & Winners Selection:

  1. All participants must be Malaysians and holds a Malaysian IC.

  2. All participants must be 18 years and above.

  3. Winners will be chosen based on the most creative comment

  4. Decisions on winners in connection with this giveaway shall be final, conclusive and binding. Any correspondence shall not be entertained.

  5. All entries received past the giveaway period shall automatically be disqualified.

  6. By participating in this giveaway, all participants are agreeable to be contacted by the Organiser.

  7. Winners will be contacted by the organizer via Facebook PM or Whatsapp within 3 days of the Winner Announcement Post on 8 September.

  8. If a winner is not reachable after 3 attempts of contact, the Organiser or Guardian reserve the right to select an alternative winner for the giveaway.

  9. Winners must provide full name, contact details and IC number of themselves and accompanying person to the organizer upon contact.

Prize Redemption:

  1. Winners or the accompanying person will self-collect the tickets from an appointed person in charge on the day of the live show on 13 September 2020. 

  2. Verification will be made via name and IC number upon ticket collection.

  3. Winners and the accompanying person shall arrive at Putrajaya International Convention Centre between 7:30pm to 8pm to collect the tickets.

  4. Representatives are not allowed to collect the tickets on behalf of the winners or the accompanying person without prior notice and approval.

  5. Should there be changes to the attendees, the winner must contact the person in charge prior to the show to make necessary arrangement.  


  1. All winners and accompanying persons must follow all required SOPS during the live show.

  2. No food and drinks are allowed during the show.

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