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Guardian x Colgate Optic White Feb‘ 2021 Contest

Steps to participate?

1) Purchase RM15 worth of Colgate-Palmolive Oral Care products (Colgate Toothpaste,

Colgate Toothbrush, & Plax Mouthwash) and above in a single receipt from any

Guardian outlets in Malaysia, including KLIA store, East Malaysia and Labuan and online

store, within the Contest Period from 4 Feb 2021 – 2 Mar 2021.

2) Answer the following question: Colgate Optic White gives you whiter teeth in 1 week?

(YES or NO)

3) Whatsapp the image of a clear printed receipt with <NAME>_<YES or NO> to +6011 1012

2989. (Eg. JOEY LEE_YES) or via Whoop app for use of verification.

4) Participants must retain ALL original printed receipts as Proof of purchase. Only valid

receipts (including printed e-receipts from online purchases) dated within the Contest

Period will be accepted.

Terms & Conditions

Organiser, Duration & Eligibility

1. The Guardian x Colgate Optic White Feb‘ 2021 Contest [“Contest”] is organized by

Colgate-Palmolive Marketing Sdn. Bhd (165147-W) ["Organiser"]. This contest will begin on 4 Feb

2021 – 2 Mar 2021. ["Contest Period"].

2. By participating in this Contest, participants agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions.

3. This contest is open to all Guardian Health & Beauty Sdn Bhd. shoppers of Malaysia ["Participant"],

except employees of the Organiser, advertising and public relations agents, and promotion service

providers, including their immediate family members.

4. Participants are entitled to enter this Contest with purchase of any Colgate-Palmolive Oral Care

worth RM15, in a single original receipt ["Proof of Purchase"] at any participating Guardian outlets

during the Contest Period. The original receipt indicating date of purchase from 4 Feb 2021 until 2

Mar 2021 must be retained as Proof of Purchase by Participant for verification.

5. All contest entries must reach the Organiser before or by 2 Mar 2021.

6. The Organiser reserves the right to amend/revise and/or cancel any of these Terms & Conditions

and/or the Contest Periods at any time.

7. Participants can submit more than one [1] entry but all entries must include the original Proof of

Purchase. One [1] original Proof of Purchase is valid for one [1] entry only.

8. Contest entries which are incomplete, late, without original Proof of Purchase, or damaged will

not be accepted.

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