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Ferrovit Giveaway Contest


The BiO-LiFE / Guardian – Ferrovit Giveaway contest is organized by BiO-LiFE Marketing Sdn Bhd & Guardian Malaysia [“Organizer”]

Contest Mechanic:

1. Watch the video and answer simple question: “Ferrovit”, is an easy-to swallow iron supplement with vanilla flavour leave no metallic after taste. A: Yes, B: No

2. Like & tag the post with 3 of your friends (in the post’s comment section)

3. 10 winners will be chosen by Ferrovit


1 Ferrovit 5x10's x 10 winners

Terms and Conditions:

1. Ferrovit Giveaway will run from 12th October – 22nd September 2020 23:59pm [“Contest Period”]. The Organiser reserves the right to shorten or extend the Contest Period without prior notice. All entries received outside the Contest Period shall be automatically disqualified.

2. To participate, you must be a Malaysian Resident, aged 18 years and above.

3. This contest applies to ONLY Ferrovit 50’s.

4. To participate in the Contest:

1. Watch the video and answer simple question: “Ferrovit”, is an easy-to swallow iron supplement with vanilla flavour leave no metallic after taste. A: Yes, B: No

2. Like & tag the post with 3 of your friends (in the post’s comment section)

● 10 prizes will be given out to winners according to the following:

○ The Organiser and the Companies involved in this Contest shall not be responsible for any unauthorised use of participant details in conjunction with this contest.

● 10 winners will be selected randomly by Organiser and Companies

1. The eligible winners will then be contacted via telephone/email within eight (8) weeks from the end of contest period. Should the first attempt to contact the eligible winner fail, i.e no reply, telephone number not in service or no connection, etc, another two (2) attempts will be made within the next 24 hours of the first telephone call. Where such further attempts are unsuccessful, the Organiser reserves the right to select the next qualified participant. The Organiser will not be held liable in the event the eligible winners cannot be contacted for whatsoever reasons.

2. The Contest prizes:

1. Guardian: Ferrovit 5x10's x 10 winners

3. Each participant is eligible to only win one (1) of the prizes during the Contest Period.

Organizer Rights

  1. The Organizer, and its sponsors will also not be responsible or made responsible for:

  • Any mistakes, errors or malfunctions (including errors in notifying winners), exclusions, disturbances, cuts, deformities, operational or transmission delays, connection failures, theft, destructions, amendments, or unauthorized access for entries, or loss or delayed entries, whichever that arose during operation, transmission or otherwise caused by server malfunctions, viruses, bugs or other causes out of their control.

  • Lost or late entries or entries that could not submitted for whatever reason aside from the sole oversight or carelessness on the part of the Organizer. Proof of submission will not be accepted as proof that the entry had been submitted. The Organizer has set up the Contest to run “as things are”.

  • These terms and conditions are regulated by Malaysia law. All disputes or anything in nature similar or related are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysia court.

  • Any incorrect or inaccurate entry details, regardless if it originated from its customers or from any tools or relevant programming used in this Contest or was caused by a technical or human error that may take place while processing the Contest entries.

  1. The Organizer has the right to void the participants’ eligibility automatically for any incomplete or late entries or also entries without a valid proof of purchase.

  2. The Organizer has the right to replace Contest prizes with other prizes of equal value without prior notice.

  3. Participants and winners will bear in full and be responsible for any liabilities, unexpected incidents, injuries, malfunctions, claims or accidents (including death) that were caused by them entering this Contest or during their redemption and/or usage of Contest prizes and they agree to relieve the Organizer and its agencies from any claims be it for any forms of injuries, accidents, loss of life or economical losses and others.


  • The acceptance of contest prizes is taken as permission being granted to the Organizer and its agencies to use the name and/or the photo of the participants for the publicity, advertising and/or marketing purposes without prior notice and/or compensations.

Adhering the Contest Terms and Conditions

  • By entering this Contest, Participants are presumed to have read and agree with all the terms and conditions contained here and will adhere to all and/or any decisions that have been made by the Organizer.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

  • The Organizer has the right to change, amend, exclude or add the Contest Terms and Conditions without prior notice, at any point of time and all Participants are bound to these changes.


  • The Organizer also has the right to void or cancel, redesign, suspend or postpone this Contest in the event of any unexpected circumstances outside of this reasonable control.

Data Protection

  • By participating in this contest and/or providing your personal data to the Organizer, you warrant and represent that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy enclosed to these Terms and Conditions and you consent to the Organizer’s processing of your personal data in accordance with said Privacy Policy. You agree to indemnity, defend, and hold the Organizer harmless against any loss, damages, costs, claims, actions, or liabilities occurring due to your breach of the aforesaid warranty and representation.

  • The Organizer has taken the relevant cautionary and security measures to ensure the safekeeping all of the Participants’ personal data, and requires all third party data processors to comply to the same measures. Please note, however, that the Organizer can present the Participants’ personal data should it be required to do so by the law, or by a search warrant, subpoena, or court order.

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