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Ecolite Fibre Juice Drinks Giveaway T&C


The Ecolite Fibre Juice Drinks Giveaway is organized by Ecolite & Guardian Malaysia [“Organizer”]

Terms and Conditions

1. The “Giveaway period”: 30 March – 3 April 2020

2. This contest is open to all Malaysian aged 18 years old and above only, with valid National Registration Identity Card.

3. To enter the Giveaway, participants must follow and fulfill the requirements set by Organizer. Entry must be within the Giveaway period.

4. TEN(10) lucky winners will be chosen during the Giveaway Period.

5. Participants acknowledge that their personal data provided pursuant to this contest will be processed by Guardian Malaysia in line with its privacy policy which can be found on

Other Terms and Conditions

The Organizer has the right to change, amend, exclude or add the Contest Terms and Conditions without prior notice, at any point of time and all Participants are bound to these changes.


The Organizer also has the right to void or cancel, redesign, suspend or postpone this Contest in the event of any unexpected circumstances outside of this reasonable control.

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